Carl Esprey

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About Carl Esprey

Carl Esprey qualified as a Chartered Financial Analyst and Chartered Accountant before building a long and varied career in the natural resource investment and development sector.

He started his career at Deloitte, Johannesburg in 2001 as a Financial Accountant before moving into mergers and acquisitions for BHP Billiton in 2004. By 2008 Carl was working in equity investments with London-based GLG Partners, where he began to focus on natural resources investments.

Carl and went on to found Elation Tech, a South Africa based revenue generating gaming business.

Carl Esprey is CEO of Botanical Holdings

Today Carl Esprey is founder and CEO of Botanical Holdings in London. This investment holding company for the legalised cannabis sector, work across product development, agronomy, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture.

Since launch, Botanical Holdings has established a unique portfolio of assets across the aggregated cannabis value chain. Its portfolio includes Portugal-based Eurocan, which aims to become a world leader in producing cannabis products for medicinal use.

Carl Esprey is also Executive Director of Contango Holdings, which has a 70% interest in the Lubu Coal project in Zimbabwe. Contango is currently implementing a number of infrastructure repairs and holding discussions with potential off takers with a view to build the mines quickly and achieve cashflow.