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Investment in CBD products by celebrities continues to rise with the latest from A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is an Oscar winning actor and founder of wellness brand Goop. She’s also the latest A list celebrity to back medicinal cannabis investment in CBD products. Paltrow has invested in cannabis drinks company Cann, according to reports from CNBC.

Why are celebrities backing investment in CBD products?

Endorsements like this are yet more evidence that medicinal cannabis is becoming more accepted all around the world. Our medicinal cannabis acquisitions so far include Unearthed and Southern African Hemp and it’s exciting to see the sector growing in the public consciousness and media.

When people read about this kind of high-profile investment in CBD products, they are more open to looking harder at this market. If someone like Paltrow, with her strong links to the ethical wellness market, is endorsing a CBD product then this will open more doors for the industry.

The world is looking for cutting-edge solutions for health and wellness. People are now moving away from the idea that cannabis products are automatically linked with ‘weed’ and the connotations of ‘getting high’. They see instead that there is a growing amount of evidence that legalised medicinal cannabis and properly sourced CBD products can help them.

Major celebrities who are advocating for legalised medicinal cannabis

It’s not the first time Paltrow has endorsed a CBD product, although it’s indicative of the growth in the CBD beverage market. Here are some other major celebrities that have invested in CBD products and are keen for global legalisation of medicinal cannabis.

  • Seth Rogen – medicinal cannabis for prevention of Alzheimer’s

Best known for his roles in comedies like Superbad, actor Seth Rogen passionately believes in the power of CBD to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s. He is such an advocate for the legalisation and use of medicinal CBD that he spoke in US Congress about research into this devastating disease. His testimony formed part of a wider Senate hearing about the current state of Alzheimer’s research.

  • Whoopi Goldberg – medicinal CBD for glaucoma, pain and stress

Actor and presenter Whoopi Goldberg has made no secret of her long-standing support for medicinal CBD. She has personally used a vape pen with CBD to treat her own glaucoma, stress and pain. She also backed this up with investment in CBD products through her own brand Whoopi and May (with Maya Elisabeth). This launched in 2016 selling edibles, salves, tinctures and other CBD products.

  • Morgan Freeman – medicinal CBD and THC for fibromyalgia

After suffering a severe accident in 2008, actor Morgan Freeman turned to CBD and THC to treat fibromyalgia. This inflammatory and painful condition is one of many that can be eased through medicinal CBD. Since then he has been a strong voice of support for the medicinal CBD industry.

  • Melissa Etheridge – medicinal CBD for breast cancer

Rock star Melissa Etheridge has used CBD since 2004 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then she has continued to use CBD and THC products to fight the issues she’s suffered as a result.

  • Oliver Stone – cannabis for PTSD and stress

Veteran film maker Oliver Stone fought in the Vietnam War before he began making movies. Readjusting to life after the war was so stressful for Stone that he began to treat his PTSD with cannabis. Since then he has loudly argued for the legalisation of CBD products to treat anxiety, stress and other illnesses.

  • Michael J.Fox – medicinal cannabis for Parkinson’s disease

Michael J Fox was famously diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s at the peak of his acting career. Since then he has tried a number of breakthrough treatments to keep him acting and living his life, and one of these was cannabis. Since then he has been a loud advocate for medicinal CBD and for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis.

Why does celebrity endorsement of CBD products matter?

Celebrities investing in CBD products is more evidence that the market is becoming mainstream. CBD is losing any stigma it may once have had, and as consumers see more and more big names become involved, interest increases.

And while marijuana and cannabis have long been advocated by celebrities as recreational and helpful drugs, the legalisation of CBD made their endorsement of mainstream products possible.

In the UK, medicinal CBD products became legal in 2016. As these products contain only a miniscule amount of THC, there is no danger of becoming intoxicated in any way. This legal way of using and enjoying the benefits of cannabinoids is continuing to become more accepted throughout the UK and Europe.

Any booming industry tends to attract celebrity backers, and CBD is no different. As the market continues to increase for medicinal CBD products, we can expect to see more big names investing and endorsing medicinal cannabis.