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What can we expect from the Cannabis Europa event in London?

Now that in-person expos and conferences are back on the table, we’re looking ahead to Cannabis Europa.

The annual conference is the most ambitious and by far the largest held to date, and is scheduled for 28 and 29 June 2022.

What is Cannabis Europa?

Cannabis Europa was the first cannabis conference in Europe and remains a leader in the sector.

There is growing support and interest in the legalisation of cannabis in Europe. We can see this with the expansion of the regulatory frameworks in some European countries.

This is, naturally, encouraging innovation, development and investment in the sector, which is further expanding the likelihood of an end to the prohibition in Europe.

The conference brings together experts and leaders from policy, business and science. They deliver cutting-edge information and knowledge regarding both ethe European and global cannabis markets.

With focused debates, Q&As and workshops the conference invites businesses of all sizes to network with some of the most influential and forward-thinking people in the industry.

When did Cannabis Europa start?

The first Cannabis Europa conference launched in 2018, with a clear goal of ensuring Europe has a place at the head of the emerging cannabis market.

Held in London, the first event just preceded the legalisation of medicinal cannabis in the UK. And since then, the conference has continued to be at the cutting edge of innovations in this burgeoning industry.

Following the first event, Cannabis Europa held conferences in Paris, London, New York and Toronto in 2019, followed by Madrid in 2020. More than 5,000 speakers, attendees and people from across the industry took part.

From March 2020, Cannabis Europa shut down in-person events due to the pandemic. However, they still provided the chance to connect and discuss all of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in Europe for the cannabis market.

Three global virtual conferences were held during 2020 and 2021. And finally, Cannabis Europa is back in person for 2022. Let’s have a look at what we can expect from this year’s conference, which organisers say will “shape the future of the industry in Europe”.

What’s new at the first in-person event in two years?

In June 2022, Cannabis Europa London will take place at Old Billingsgate. It’s the biggest so far, with the normal conference expanding to incorporate a new expo with 50 exhibitors.

In Europe, the cannabis industry is moving into a new phase. And I think that what we collectively achieve over the next few years will determine the future of the entire market.

Global interest in medicinal cannabis and legalised cannabis is growing all the time, with major countries now considering legalisation. The likes of Germany have indicated they are very close, following Malta’s move as the very first EU nation to legalise cannabis in December 2021.

All of this means Europe is in a key position to lead the global cannabis industry, and act as a major hub.

Speakers at Cannabis Europa London 2022

Senior Government officials, leading scientists and some of the most impressive and inventive businesses within medicinal cannabis and the wider cannabis sector.

Speakers at the London event include:

  • Finn Age Hansel, MD and Founder of the Sanity Group, which is one of the biggest groups in Europe focusing on unlocking the potential health benefits of medicinal cannabis and cannabinoids.
  • Kristine Lutke MdB, German Bundestag, Free Democratic Party.
  • Lorenza Romanese, MD of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), who has worked with MEPs on hemp reforms to the EU Common Agricultural Policy among other legislation.
  • Pablo Zuanic, MD of Cantor Fitzgerald, who is a global equity analyst of stocks in the US, Asia, LatAm and Europe.
  • Sean Stiefel, Founder and CEO of investment advisors Navy Capital.
  • Dr Anne Katrin Schlag, Head of Research, Drug Science. She leads the research of the Drug Science Medical Cannabis Working group, which specifically examines controversies within medicinal cannabis and the development of education based on science in the sector.
  • Stephen Murphy, Co-founder and CEO of Prohibition Partners.
  • Elena Goldberg, CEO for The Cannigma.
  • Professor Mike Barnes, Chair of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society. He is a medicinal cannabis expert and a consultant neurologist.